Staci’s Bookkeeping was founded by Staci Macklberg in 2021 and provides first-class bookkeeping and accounting services within the Denver, Colorado area.
Headshot photo of owner, Staci Macklberg

About the Owner

Hi, I’m Staci, the owner of Staci’s Bookkeeping. I have an associate’s degree in accounting, and I’m also a Notary Public for the State of Colorado.

With my experience in the financial field, no issue is too large or complex for me to manage. I can help you tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your trusted bookkeeper.

Contact me and learn how easy bookkeeping can be when you let me take care of everything.

A FEw Fun Facts…

  • I’m a mother of 2 fantastic kids and have an amazing husband who supports me in everything I do!
  • I listen to the BiggerPockets podcast weekly to learn more about the real estate industry and help as many professionals as possible.
  • I enjoy helping foster kids and donate regularly to Together We Rise.
  • I like to browse real estate websites in my free time.
  • I love books and read every day to further my skills and knowledge.
  • I like going to the mountains for fun and try to travel as much as possible.
  • I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them. I’m excited to get to know you and all about your business.
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